DIDYMA–MILETUS–PRIENE (8 hour Guided Cultural Tour)


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Enjoy a full day tour to the earliest Ionian antique cities of Priene, Miletus and Didyma. Start your tour with Priene, the land of Bias the Sage. Visit its amphitheatre surrounded by pine wood. Admire the breathtaking design of the Temple of Athena which proudly stands on the slopes of Mykale Mountain. Miletus, the home of Thales the mathematician and a hub for the earliest Ionians in Anatolia 3 millennium ago, is the next stop. Let its glorious 20000 seated amphitheatre welcomes you at the entrance. Learn about this former harbour city’s history from your private guide and visit its ruins. Visit one of the most important oracle centers of the ancient times on the coast of Ionia in the domain of Miletus. Apollo was the main deity of the sanctuary of Didyma, also called Didymoi, home to both of the temples dedicated to the twins Apollo and Artemis.


  • Guidance fees
  • Parking fees, transfers and transportation


  • Entrance fees
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses


  • Hiking shoes, hat, sunscreen
  • The entrance fee for Priene Ancient City is 20 TL per person
  • The entrance fee for Miletus Ancient City is 50 TL per person
  • The entrance fee for Temple of Apollo is 50 TL per person


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